Publishing Contract – Fill In The Blanks

Publishing Contract Workflow

  • Gather the following information about author/book
    • Author Legal Name
    • Author Address (optional)
    • Author eMail Address
    • Author Nickname/Pen-name (if exists)
    • Book Title
    • Abbreviation for book title (If lengthly, can “make it up” as needed).
  • Sign in to HelloSign.Com
  • Click “Templates” in the left hand column.
  • Click “Use Template” from the list under “Templates”
  • Use the down pointing arrow to the right of “Janglewood 50/50 Contract” to select “Use Template”
  • Fill in the fields (All fields required)
  • Fill in Joyce Melton and for “Publisher”
  • Change Title and MEssage for signers as required.
  • Click “Request Signature”


Example image of form below: