Topshelf Front Page Workflow


  • check the left column for the same blog poster appearing more than once
    • if one of their posts is purely an ad for a book they are also allowed a general blog entry on the front page
    • otherwise click on “promoted” at the bottom of the 2nd blog to remove it from the front page
  • if a blog topic looks controversial check it
  • if a blog has a ton of replies check to make sure it’s not controversial
  • also check the list of new comments that appears under blogs in the left column, there it’s about it not being controversial and keeping it friendly



  • check the Quickcuts list for repeating author names
  • make sure the same name appears no more than 5 times
  • if it does then find the 6th (7th, 8th etc) and click “sticky” to remove it from the front page


  • if you think a blog or comment is controversial or unfriendly, or that there is something wrong with a story bring it up in a company channel (just not private person to person)