Hatbox Workflow

Workflow created, needs feedback, shown below

  •  Author approaches us or we approach author about story
  •  Obtain story
    • If on topshelf use printer-friendly (can compile from multi-chapter to single file)
    • If emailed attachment – save
  • Format story
    1. Ensure there’s a title page with appropriately sized title and byline
    2. Ensure double spacing between paragraphs and at least triple between chapters
    3. If source is multi-chapter on topshelf remove keywords/themes/age from each chapter heading
    4. If source is single chapter on topshelf then text will be copied and little or no additional formatting should be required
  • Post story
    1. Check author taxonomy exists [how?]
    2. Go to ‘Add Content’. If story provided as PDF, RTF or EPUB then select ‘Premium Story with Download’ otherwise select ‘Premium Story’
    3. Add title, select cover image either an uploaded image or as default use hatbox kitty
    4. Insert summary (often comes with story but sometimes requires us to create)
    5. Insert story text (if story is PDF, RTF or EPUB file attach file in relevant box after next step)
    6. Fill in categories/keywords etc using best judgement
    7. If provided as PDF or EPUB go to ‘Printer, email and PDF versions’ and uncheck ‘show link’ as appropriate
    8. Go to ‘Publishing Options’ check story is marked as premium content
    9. Go to ‘Authoring information’ and change to show actual author
  • Verify story
    1. Preview to check how story appears, is title showing, does all of the text appear, are images shown near the part they are relevant to?
    2. Save story and make sure it appears in the list on hatbox front page