Front End Anomally

  • Verify BigCloset TopShelf is Online.
  • If Yes, continue, else notify Piper Immediately.
  • (Optional) SSH to [IP:]
  • Ping the server with the issue (both hostname and ip) to determine if host is responding to network requests.
  • If Yes, continue, if No, Notify Piper Immediately.
  • SSH to the server that is having an issue and run the following commands:
[user@frontXX ~]# sudo su -
[root@frontXX ~]# systemctl status httpd.service
  • If Status is Active: active (running), monitor situation. If persists for longer than 30 minutes, notify Piper
  • If any other Status, run the following code:
[root@frontXX ~]# systemctl start httpd.service
  • If [OK], Monitor situation and document everything @ Status
  • If [FAILED], notify Piper, document everything @ Status